is one of the leading companies in Serbia, founded in 1993. in Zemun. The main activity is the import and distribution of foils for greenhouses, irrigation equipment, agricultural equipment, tools and technical goods, PPE equipment, garden and additional hobby programs, as well as household programs.

Bold ideas, skills and enormous effort invested in adapting to the constant demands of the market have resulted in a large number of changes in business, products and services. That is why today, two decades later, our team consists of more than 20 employees, of various specialties. Success is a common goal of our partners and us, so we constantly motivate each other to achieve more. In order to realize your requirements as efficiently as possible, we are constantly innovating our business, expanding our distribution capacities and developing logistics solutions.



Under a recognizable logo, we have been distributing goods to customers in Vojvodina, Mačva, Podunavlje and Braničevo for more than two decades, and through our partners we are present in other parts of Serbia. We have achieved this success by nurturing stable partnerships with more than 500 suppliers and more than 5,000 customers. The fact that we are still cooperating with the same partners as in the beginning, speaks in favor of the fact that we are a company that nurtures tradition, quality and dedication. We are recognized as a reliable partner who respects every actor in the supply chain and that is a value that we will preserve in the future.


Quality, reliability and continuous investment in the development of resources and capacities have become an imperative of our business. These values from the very beginning until today determine the way we work, the quality we offer and the unsurpassed treatment you receive as a customer, partner or employee.


With our offer of products and services, with the professional support of employees, we create the best conditions for consumers. All employees who share corporate values, business environment and trust are committed to achieving our mission.


By nurturing partnerships and customer care, become synonymous with a company that is constantly improving its business, creating and anticipating customer habits and trends, and creating new values for the customer.

"SMM RODA COMPANY" d.o.o. is engaged in the import and distribution of foils for greenhouses, irrigation equipment, agricultural equipment, tools and technical goods, PPE equipment, garden and additional hobby programs, as well as household programs.

If you present a legal entity, you can contact us at 011/3163272 or 011/3168560 to refer you to a field salesman, who is in charge of your region.

No, registration for the web store is also possible for individuals.

You can ask field salesmen which agricultural pharmacy, hardware store, paint shop or warehouse in your area cooperates with SMM RODA.

SMM RODA COMPANY "d.o.o delivers goods to registered customers throughout Vojvodina, Macva, Podunavlje and Braničevo if the value of the orders made is more than 20,000 RSD.



Complaints of damage in transport

It is very important that all damage in transport visible on the product packaging, immediately report to the courier who delivered the goods. The buyer is obliged to report any damage during transport within 24 hours of receiving the goods. If you notice such damage, do not sign the receipt of the shipment or ask the courier to wait until you check whether the damage to the packaging caused damage to the product itself or loss of parts. If the product is not damaged, and all parts are numbered, sign the shipment receipt.

Complaints about data or the wrong type of goods

If you received the shipment and after opening the box found that the delivered goods do not match the ordered or the invoice data is not appropriate, please no later than 24 hours from the date of receipt of the shipment, call 011/3163272 or send an e-mail with your data (Company name, name and surname, telephone) to e-mail office@smmroda.com and describe what problem you have. As soon as possible, we will respond to the consumer's complaint electronically (e-mail) by confirming the receipt of the complaint, or announcing the number under which your complaint is registered in the records of received complaints and inform you of further action. The deadline for responding to the complaint is 8 days, and for resolving the complaint is 15 days from the moment of reporting it.



Job description

Due to the constant growth of the company and the increase in the volume of work, SMM RODA COMPANY "d.o.o. has a constant need for new staff. The team of SMM RODA COMPANY "doo is characterized by dedicated, responsible, ambitious, flexible and highly motivated people, good working atmosphere and working conditions. We believe that a successful team makes a successful company that directly affects employee satisfaction and reflects customer satisfaction with our products and services .

What do we offer?

Stable business environment, work in a positive and dynamic atmosphere, the opportunity for personal and professional development through training and team building programs, conditions for advancement and career development. If you are interested in joining our team, you can send your CV together with the cover letter to email: office@smmroda.com